ZURV Custom Development

Our team of highly skilled and experienced developers works with individuals, businesses, non-profits, and others to build custom applications, streamline technology systems, manage customer relations through CRM integration, and develop strategies to make your enterprise more engaging and efficient.

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Improve Business Efficiency Through System Integration

Merge multiple technology systems into a single, high-functioning system

Integration is a complex, multi-phase process of merging different, often isolated and incompatible technology systems into a single technology system, where they work together seamlessly. When we integrate these systems – get them to “talk” to each other” – you see an increase in efficiency and a reduction of manual errors. This applies to existing systems, as well as the introduction of new pieces of technology into your business environment.

We’ll look at your business and technology goals to begin developing a strategy. To achieve the free flow of data and smoother, more efficient information delivery, the integration process may include project planning and management, technology environment design and  implementation, as well as web services. All this comes with big benefits, like improved connection with your customers, the ability to access and share data on multiple platforms, and an increase in network speed, among others.

Mobile App Design & Development

Custom Apps for Android & iPhone

Stay engaged with your customers, even when they’re on the go. Increasingly, businesses find apps help to further their goals for customer conversion, access, and retention. You may have a great app idea for your product or service – from interactive storefronts to product estimate and order forms, and so much more – and now you need someone to build it. Look no further. The custom, dynamic applications that ZURV builds can be easily downloaded from the Android Market or the iPhone App Store.

While an app offers customers a new and creative way to engage with your business, your website also needs to look great on a mobile device. ZURV optimizes the way your web site appears on mobile phones, making it easier for site visitors to navigate and find what they are looking for. We focus on the most important elements of your web site to create a sleek, simplified version that integrates seamlessly with mobile devices.

Business Dashboard
with CRM

Monitor your business performance.
Forecast sales opportunities.

A Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) dashboard captures information about your customers across multiple registers, like your website, social media accounts, and mailing and phone communications systems. Imagine having a single dashboard to help you manage and analyze customer interaction and data. A CRM dashboard can help you check the health of your business in its current state and be the basis for future strategy.

Whether you’re concerned with sales, marketing, customer support, have a lot of data or activity to assess, or are having difficulty tracking, scoring, and following up with leads, a CRM dashboard can help. ZURV can also connect your CRM to 3rd party systems such as an asset tracking software, quote software, or anything else you would like to see in your CRM’s heads up display.

Custom Application Development

Business Apps for Productivity & Automation

Whether you’re a small business with a limited staff or a large business looking to streamline your workflow, custom business applications can help you increase and measure productivity, perform routine business functions without error, and complete repetitive tasks cost-effectively. Business apps can even help keep your hands free by allowing routine tasks to be delegated and completed through automation.

Business applications provide many benefits, such as a more productive mobile workforce, reduced IT maintenance, streamlined communication, stronger teamwork capabilities, and increased responsiveness between team members, clients, and customers. Custom applications are specialized tools, programmed to accommodate a variety of devices, internal or external to your technology environment. They can even be developed for larger, more complex systems.

Enterprise Level Solutions

Technology Consulting and Development for Enterprises & Public Companies

Is your company in need of a partner with experience in Enterprise CMS and Portal environments, such as IBM WebSphere Portal and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)? Perhaps your concerned with finding a current business needs and technology assessment, which requires cross-department discovery and communication from a neutral resource. Whatever the case may be, ZURV is your partner.

With your business goals always in mind, we offer a range of services, support, and expertise. We’ll work with you to develop and implement payment systems, an innovative intranet, IT environments, custom mobile apps and data management systems, as well as selecting and vetting software and portal solutions. Letting ZURV take on these critical tasks reduces the challenges and complexities for your enterprise, and we will continue to support you as your needs change.